Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People (QEF) is a national charity based in Surrey, that works with over 5,000 childen and adults every year.  We are committed to providing life-transforming services that enable people with disabilities to increase their independence and achieve their goals in life. We offer a wide range of staff and volunteer roles based at a number of  Surrey locations.

The people who work for us are one of our greatest assets, as our services could not be provided without our dedicated staff.  The successful recruitment and retention of staff is therefore vital to the continuing success of QEF. We want to recruit people who are passionate about what we do and who thrive on collaboration, team work and the discovery of new opportunities.  

Working at QEF you will be able to agree your own goals within a strategic framework and all our employees are provided with support and development in order to achieve these goals.

We offer a wide range of employment benefits.

We employ around 270 staff (including bank staff) across QEF and are very grateful for the invaluable support of our volunteers.

In a recent staff survey: 
92% of staff said they enjoy their work,
93% said they are proud to tell others they work for QEF
95% felt that they contributed something meaningful and made a difference.