Daniel - Support Worker at Dorincourt

Daniel sitting on a bench in a garden

I was a stay at home dad before I came to QEF, as I have 2 young girls, and I couldn’t find a job that fitted around my existing commitments. 

A friend suggested that I find work in the care sector, as I had recently lost my brother back in Ghana, who’d had Down Syndrome. She felt I had a strong connection to people like my brother and would enjoy the work, as I like people. I tried elderly care initially but that wasn’t for me, then I applied to QEF – and I’ve been here 4.5 years now.

I really enjoy working with the residents, they are young and love to have fun. I enjoy knowing that they look forward to seeing me each day and that I can assist them to do everyday things and have a bit of control over normal stuff.

The hours have been flexible to fit in around home commitments with lots of support from my manager which is good. It’s not uptight here, its homely and the residents make pretty much everything fun. We tread a line between being professional and friendly and I really enjoy the feedback from the residents – it gives me a real sense of fulfilment.

Communicating with people that are non verbal might seem a challenge, but the key is to get to know the person and how they communicate and there is so much support here with that. I believe it’s important to be honest and say if you don’t know something, but also to get into their world and understand how they see things.

I have done lots of training whilst I’ve been here including all modules of my Care Certificate, medication, manual handling etc. I am also planning on doing an NVQ and will speak to my manager about that as I don’t want to stagnate.

It’s like a family here and it often feels like I’m going to work to see friends. I enjoy going home at the end of shift knowing that I have done my bit to make someone’s day.

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