QEF team members talk about why they love working here

QEF Physiotherapist (Neuro Rehabilitation Services) - Katy 

I can honestly say that NRS is one of the nicest places I’ve ever worked. Our rehab support workers are amazing – so caring and proactive and the therapy team are really positive and dynamic. It is a very supportive team to be part of.

Our clients feel this too and it’s reflected in the progress they make. Interventions are as individualised as possible for each person and it’s very rewarding to see the great progress they make as a result.

We support people with acquired brain injuries following a stroke or a traumatic brain injury or neurological illness and help them to regain core skills and maximise their independence. We see different age groups of people, with a wide variety of conditions and abilities. 

Whilst we are always very busy here, everything is timetabled so both the therapists and the clients know what they are doing each day.  Our centre also has a homely, less clinical feel to it. This is reflected in the work that we do in supporting people to transition home. This often involves being creative as a team and looking at wider elements beyond just clinical considerations, such as how could we help that person get to a gym for example.

The therapy team work very closely together so we learn from each other and inspire and support each other, meaning outcomes for our clients are better too. There is a good range of equipment in our therapy gym such as overhead support systems and a very wide range of walking aids. NRS has a very flexible approach to our clients’ needs working closely with people to achieve their individual goals in very innovative ways. I feel I have a great deal of autonomy in my work which allows me to be responsive in solving problems.  

It is a very dynamic and creative place to work as a physiotherapist. It is very rewarding to see the changes and improvements in our clients. 

QEF IT Engineer - Mohit

I joined QEF as a graduate, so this is my first full time job in IT. I have learnt so much – I have increased my practical knowledge by a country mile. I have been able to put the theory that I learnt at University into my work life. I knew the basics about servers for example, but now I have so much practical hands on experience. As one of a team of three we have completed various projects, such as Data Center Migration, Desktop Upgrades and telephone upgrades across the whole organization.

QEF has multiple sites as well as 20 retail shops so it’s been really good experience working at all these different locations to make sure they all stay properly connected. The different sites have proved interesting and challenged me from the start, as I was asked to work there regularly on my own. I thoroughly enjoy this and it’s given me much more confidence to know that I can troubleshoot things when necessary. I also get to see the different sides of the organization.

I have also improved my communication skills as well as my knowledge. As a Helpdesk Engineer, you need to log tickets and speak to the user on the phone. I have learnt to be patient as not everyone is good with computers. If you can resolve their problem on the phone then great, otherwise you go to on site to resolve it, and therefore this give you a bit of field experience. It’s important to be calm and manage their occasional frustration and to make them aware that we can help solve most things and recover any lost data.

I’ve been given the responsibility to troubleshoot issues that I feel confident that I can resolve, our manager has faith in us. But I also know that I am backed up by my manager if I’m not sure on something. His attitude is that there isn’t anything that can’t be fixed so give it a go. My manager has taught me so much and given me vital experience.