Student / Intern placements with QEF

We value learning and development and recognise the benefit of getting great experience at the start of your career.  We are proud to offer a range of opportunities:

Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate placement opportunities (4 days a week, 8-12 months duration):
We offer 6 undergraduate placement opportunities within our MDT. These roles will be divided between the Psychology Team, the Speech & Language Team and the Occupational Therapy Team. All of the placement experiences will have Psychology-focussed components, such as learning and administering cognitive assessments, understanding and supporting clients’ mental capacity, delivering 1:1 and group-based clinical interventions as well as linking in with the psychology team and learning speciality-specific skills. We have received consistently positive feedback over the years from students who have undertaken their undergraduate placement years at QEF – many of whom have returned to work with us after they have graduated.

Please note: due to the high level of interest in these placements we can only consider applications submitted in the first week of February. If you have already sent an application for this placement we would kindly request that you re-send it during the first week of February to ensure that it is considered. Applications should take the form of an up to date CV and covering letter and should be emailed to Hazel Drye, Volunteer Coordinator at

Graduate placement opportunities (3+ days a week, 4-6 months duration):
We can offer 2 Psychology graduates a 4-6 month  honorary placement within the therapy team between March to September. Similarly to the undergraduate placement year opportunities, the graduates will gain valuable clinical experience in administering assessments (under the supervision of an OT or SLT), delivering 1:1 therapy sessions, cofacilitating groups and working alongside the Psychology team. 
Applications should  take the form of an up to date CV and covering letter and should be emailed to Hazel Drye, Volunteer Coordinator,  at  by the end of January 2022.

Paid opportunities with access to Psychology:
We would welcome any Psychology graduates looking to gain paid experience within a neurorehabilitation or complex disability setting to consider applying to join our vibrant care teams within our two clinical services.  See our current vacancies 

QEF’s commitment to supporting aspiring Clinical Psychologists:
The Psychology Team at QEF are committed to supporting and investing in Psychology graduates throughout the organisation. We invite any Psychology graduate or undergraduate, working or volunteering at QEF, to join our monthly Psychology teaching/skills workshops, delivered by one of the Clinical Psychologists. In addition to these, there are monthly Psychology journal club/peer-supervision sessions which we welcome all our students and graduates to engage in. The Clinical Psychologists also offer intermittent workshops and 1:1 coaching sessions to Psychology graduates who are keen to get onto clinical training.


Our team of qualified physiotherapists remember building their own careers and the support and encouragement they got when doing work placements.  They are keen to give back to the students of today and currently take students from the PMP group which comprises the following nine London Universities: Brunel, South Bank, Kings, St George’s, UCL, UEL, Oxford Brookes, St Mary’s and Canterbury.   If you are a current physiotherapy student at one of these institutions and are looking for a placement in a friendly and dynamic team please do get in touch.

Trainee Nurse Associate Programme

We are proud to work with The University of Surrey as part of the Surrey Heartlands Nursing Associate Consortium by participating in the trainee nurse associate programme.  QEF Neuro Rehabilitation Services offers a placement in neuro-rehabilitation nursing to trainee nurses associates.

At the end of the two-year programme successful students become Trainee Nurses, an important part of the workforce that will bridge the gap between Band 3 healthcare assistants and Band 5 registered nurses.


Have you ever thought of a career in fundraising? Working with like-minded individuals to help develop events and activities that can help a charity raise money to support people less fortunate? Well why not consider the QEF intern programme that we are working to launch.   Our programme will enable you to learn about all aspects of fundraising, get involved in developing and running events, working closely with teams to deliver on a strategy. If this is you, get in touch with Leo Visconti, Director of Fundraising