In January 2020 QEF were financially stable and looking forward to opening the Care and Rehabilitation Centre in Spring and all the benefits this would offer service users. But the spread of the coronavirus and the resulting lockdown had a sudden and unpredicted impact on QEFs finances.

With large scale events cancelled, our voluntary income dropped by £500,000 in just a few weeks and we anticipate a £1 million shortfall by the end of July. We have done everything possible to mitigate this drop in income; furloughing staff, exploring Government support, renegotiating payments, selling assets and developing new opportunities to raise money. At the same time, we have prioritised support for our frontline services, continually providing care and support for clients and residents who are some of the most vulnerable people in this pandemic and supporting our therapy and care staff through unprecedented challenges.  

With stretched resources, our expert neuro rehabilitation teams are also in greater demand; working closely with the NHS to provide rehabilitation for post COVID-19 patients who have complex needs as a result of their illness.  We are very proud to be playing our part in the recovery from this pandemic, helping us all to move forward by supporting people when they need us most.

Despite all our efforts to bridge this unprecedented gap in our funding, we still need to raise £500,000 by September 2020 to ensure our services can survive the financial impact of this pandemic.

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Without urgent funding:

  • We can’t cover all our operating costs, even though these have been reduced as much as possible
  • We can’t complete the kitting out of the Care and Rehabilitation Centre for QEF service users
  • Some of our mobility focused services may not be able to reopen as before
  • We won’t be able to catch up on missed mobility assessments - helping people of all ages to be independently mobile
  • We can’t support children left without independent mobility - children not only stuck at home but unable to move around the house to play with their siblings 

Watch Richard talk about how QEF gave him back his life:

We must ensure that our services survive the financial impact of this pandemic, so that we can continue to be there for people who depend on us. 

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Our Bugzi loan scheme, provided by our subsidiary charity MERU, relies entirely on fundraised income to give children with complex mobility challenges the gift of independent mobility. Read Jude’s story of how he and his family are struggling as a result of missing out on a Bugzi before lockdown.

We need your support today so we can continue to provide expert services that enable disabled people of all ages to achieve their potential.

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