The Care and Rehabilitation Centre (CRC) enables QEF to provide expert, multi-disciplinary neuro rehabilitation for people with acquired brain injuries, stroke, neurological illness or incomplete spinal injuries, in a modern, comfortable environment. The CRC offers service users expert care with the very best accommodation and therapy facilities.
“We want to help more people recover lost skills, strengthen their abilities and live the life they choose.”
Karen Deacon, CEO 

A comfortable, specialist centre

Our purpose-built centre of expertise is modern and comfortable, and located in attractive Surrey countryside near Leatherhead. 

The centre has been environmentally designed using daylighting and modern renewable building materials, including solar panels, to increase sustainability. The modern, airy and bright rooms draw on the grounds outside, providing a peaceful and relaxed environment.. Therapy areas are also clearly separated from accommodation to create distinct ‘rest’ and ‘work’ spaces for rehabilitation. 

Therapy areas include a large spacious gym with two hoist systems, as well as several adaptable therapy rooms for the physiotherapy, speech and language, occupational therapy and clinical psychology teams to use as needed to support a client's recovery.  By setting individual goals for development and enabling people to achieve them, each person will be supported to maximise their independence and achieve their potential. 

The use of assistive technology in every bedroom is a unique aspect of the development. Service users will have much greater control over their personal environment, enabling them to control the temperature, lighting, blinds and TV in their room without additional assistance, creating a sense of autonomy. 

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 Facilities include: 

  • 48 ensuite bedrooms some with kitchenette 
  • Assistive technology in every bedroom to for greater control over personal environments 
  • State-of-the-art therapy gym and adaptable therapy rooms
  • Multi purpose recreational rooms and informal social areas
  • Large, spacious dining rooms
  • Service user training kitchen and laundry facilities
  • Accessible gardens

En-suite bedroom with kitchenette 

There are lots of communal and break out spaces throughout the CRC, including two multi purpose dining rooms, welcome areas, activity rooms and a client training kitchen: 

The CRC benefits from the beautiful surrounding Surrey countryside, whilst also being close to towns and communities of Leatherhead and Stoke d'Abernon. There are extensive accessible outdoor spaces, including a private garden to the rear of the building, in the middle of the accommodation area.    

“In the new Centre all the best elements of our amazing neuro physio service will be built on, and we’ll have the opportunity to change and improve things that we couldn’t before. There will be bigger and better working spaces which will allow our therapy teams to work together even more effectively and help more people”
Katy, QEF physiotherapist

Find out more about neuro rehabilitation at the Care and Rehabilitation Centre or contact us 

(Photos copyright Gareth Gardner)