Meet our expert rehabilitation team who work together to ensure we provide the best and most appropriate care, therapies and support to help people live life to the full.

Janet Schmitt is the head of rehabilitation and care. She brings a wealth of experience and skills to QEF from a career path of more than 20 years in rehabilitation encompassing clinical, academic and managerial roles.

Specialist Nursing Team
Our specialist nursing team provides round the clock expert care, support and supervision, managed by our head of nursing and rehabilitation support.
Rehabilitation Team 
Led by Carol Carr, this team provides an extensive range of expert therapies and support to encourage participation and exploration of new interests   

Our neuro physiotherapy team use specific handling techniques and a range of specialist equipment to improve posture, flexibility, muscle strength, coordination, functional ability and mobility.

Speech and Language therapists
Our speech and language therapists aim to improve speech, language, communication and any eating or swallowing problems that may have arisen as a result of brain injury.

Occupational therapists
Our occupational therapists use a combination of rehabilitation  techniques to assess and support our clients in completing everyday living tasks such as personal care, mobility, domestic activities, and household management.

Our team of clinical psychologists support individuals, couples and families in coping with the impact of acquired disabilities such as stroke or brain injury.

Art and design technology (ADT)
Our ADT co-ordinator teaches skills and techniques in a multi-sensory environment to support individuals in their recovery. Projects can include pottery, painting, sculpture, mosaic, textiles, drawing, printmaking, collage, photography and digital media as well as horticulture.

We provide a range of activities to develop confidence and encourage participation and exploration of new interests. These activities can include sport, such as boccia, table tennis and pool, as well as quizzes, films, music and barbecues. In the past we have also arranged interesting trips to locations such as museums, art galleries, wildlife centres, cinema, theatre and sporting events.

Vocational support
We work with individuals to explore their strengths and difficulties, and to identify their interests and future preferences regarding their vocational and leisure options.