Expert rehabilitation that rebuilds lives

QEF is a national disability charity committed to providing life-transforming services that enable people with disabilities to increase their independence and achieve their goals in life.

QEF’s Neuro Rehabilitation Service (NRS) has provided expert neuro rehabilitation for almost 30 years and helps people regain their quality of life following an acquired brain injury or neurological illness. Based in Banstead, Surrey our friendly centre has capacity for up to seventeen residential clients, each of whom are supported with a personalised treatment plan and 24 hour nursing care. Our services are also available on a day and outpatient basis.

We provide support for adults with physical, cognitive and/or communication disabilities, as a result of an acquired brain injury, stroke or neurological illness. This may also include mild to moderate behavioural problems. 

We work closely with families and everyone involved with an individual's long term care, helping them with the transition home or on to supported living, back to education or work. 

Our outpatient services offer therapy and local home visits for people with neurological disabilities. We have a diverse range of one-to-one support programmes, tailored to help improve cognitive, communication, physical, social and functional abilities. 

Our multi-disciplinary team

Our specialist services are delivered by a highly experienced multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals, including Dr. McCluskey, a consultant in rehabilitation medicine, neuro- physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, clinical psychologists and specialist nurses and rehab staff. Find out more about the team at NRS here.

We also offer art and recreational services, adding extra value and quality to our clients’ rehabilitation.  

Measurable Outcomes

We measure the progress of every client at NRS and produce FIM FAM charts to record this; comparing their capabilities on arrival to those on discharge. A selection of results are available here. If you would like to see other examples please contact us directly. Click here for examples of our outcomes.

Person Centred Care

We stress the importance of person centred care, as this offers:
•Evidence of improved outcomes 
•Improved continuity of care
•Facilitates team working
•Facilitates communication with families and carers
•Improved access to appropriate services
•Value for money in service provision
•Cost savings with improved support to manage own condition

Click here for a presentation document about the importance of Person Centred Care written by QEF NRS' registered service manager.

Working with East Surrey CCG

We work in partnership with East Surrey CCG to provide essential inpatient rehabilitation services for stroke patients from Surrey. This gives them access to our unique concentration of specialist therapies as part of their rehabilitation journey. Working with the Early Supported Discharge, Community and Re-enablement teams as required, we then faciltate their discharge home or to another suitable destination to continue their rehabilitation.  

This is part of Surrey and Sussex NHS Healthcare Trust’s vision to deliver stroke rehabilitation services outside hospitals and closer to patients’ homes. This vision sets out a plan that also seeks to improve outcomes, support greater independence for patients and reduce travel times.


In early 2017 Jennifer lost the use of both her arms and legs and couldn't do anything for herself. After a diagnosis of neural vasculitis and a stay in hospital, she was transferred to NRS for rehabilitation. In November 2017 she completed a 200 metre sponsored walk for QEF and said:
"I can't thank you wonderful people enough for what you have done for me over the last three months. You have given me HOPE I can get my life back on track."

In November Claire gave NRS a 5 star rating and said:
 "Amazing rehabilitation centre in Banstead! Staff are amazing and have helped me so much, thank you all xxxx"


Our friendly and welcoming centre is in a spacious and well-equipped building with all support equipment provided. Clients each have their own bedroom which they can personalise, overlooking a communal outdoor area.  

As their health improves we help our clients test their independence and life skills safely, in real life settings. They can move to independent living units, such as a flat with bathroom and kitchen, where they can learn the self-care skills they need to live more independently. 

We are located close to Banstead village with access to the local shops, restaurants and public transport, which help to form part of the rehabilitation experience.