Assessments for Older Drivers

From 70 years old all drivers need to sign a declaration every three years that they are still medically fit to drive. If there any concerns then a driving assessment would be advised.  

This assessment is carried out by an Occupational Therapist and an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) who will assess and advise you on how any medical conditions may affect your ability to drive safely and recommend any required adaptations. 

The assessment gathers and records:

  • Reason for attending
  • Medical conditions which would affect driving ability
  • Medication and eyesight details
  • Type of vehicle driven
  • How often, how far and where driving takes place
  • Opportunity to discuss any difficulties when driving
  • General driving knowledge


All drivers are required to read a standard car number plate from the relevant distance according to the Road Traffic Act. If unable to do so, will be advised to have further investigations with an optician, and the assessment cannot be completed.

In-Car Assessment

The assessment will take place in one of our vehicles.  We have a large fleet of both manual and automatic cars; many are fitted with a variety of adaptations.  All have dual control.

During the assessment, the assessor will be assessing the older driver for the following:

  • Observation, alertness and hazard awareness
  • Attitude and behaviour to other road users
  • Vehicle control and handling
  • Appropriate use of mirrors and signals
  • Manoeuvres including parking, reversing and emergency stop
  • Junctions including left and right turns, roundabouts, traffic lights and crossroads
  • Variable speeds from 20mph to 60mph
  • Ability to follow the rules of the road and knowledge of road signs
  • Decision making and negotiating
  • Positioning the vehicle on the road

The standardised route taken by each driver is consistent and covers all the relevant aspects to make an informed decision. 

Concluding Interview

The driver is informed of the assessors’ decision regarding ability to drive safely, and if the driver has been referred by the DVLA they will make the final licensing decision.

We always recommend that the client does not drive themselves to an assessment.  In the event of a driver being considered unsafe to drive home after the assessment, they would need to make alternative arrangements to get home. 

An older driver assessment costs £225 and may last between 3-4 hours, though can be shorter depending on each client's requirements

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