Tryb4uFly is our specially created support service to reduce the anxieties and stress around travelling by air as a disabled person.

Tryb4uFly provides the unique opportunity to try out different seating support options and methods of seat transfer in our mock cabin Working with interested parties including children, young people, adults, parents, cabin crew, airlines, and travel agents and supported by the Department of Health, we can now offer the MERU TravelChair, a postural seat insert, the Burnett microbead system, the Crelling support harness and the Cares harness. They are available to trial in a real life-size aeroplane cabin with seating at our Mobility Centre, in Carshalton in Surrey and in Leeds at the William Merritt Disabled Living Centre. The RDAC in Birmingham also offer a similar facility. 

We offer the opportunity for children and adults to sample and for parents/carers to seek professional advice on the best support seating and transfer aids available.

Visit our Tryb4uFly website for full details.

If you would like to refer yourself or a family member for an assessment, we are able to offer a subsidised appointment.  Please contact us for up-to-date prices.

Enjoy this short video about Tryb4uFly (and our Bugzi Loan scheme).

Download an application form: Tryb4uFly application form