1) What do I need to bring with me when I attend my assessment?

It is important to bring your driving licence if you have it.  If you do not have a driving licence, you should bring some proof of identification. You should bring any medication you need to take during the time you are with us, together with any glasses needed for driving and reading and hearing aids if applicable.

2) How long will my assessment take?

You should allow four hours for your assessment to be completed.

3) My son/daughter wants to learn to drive.  They have a disability.  What should I do?

The first step will be to have an assessment with us to determine the individual’s needs for driving, which adaptations are required and the type of vehicle best suited to the person. A Driving Ability assessment will also give some indication of ability to drive, if this is appropriate.

4) Do I need a licence before I come for an assessment?

We have an off-road private track for driving, therefore a licence is not needed to take the assessment.  However we will not be able to take you out onto the public roads, which may mean that you will be required to come back when you do have licence cover to take an on-road drive; if this is appropriate to your assessment

5) Can I buy any food if I need it?

We have a small selection of snacks and confectionery as well as hot and cold drinks. We have a microwave available to heat food that you bring. We are also within a short drive of local amenities.