Bugzi is a small indoor powered wheelchair designed and manufactured by QEF's partner charity MERU, to enable young children to explore and learn about their environment.

The Bugzi Loan Scheme is operated by MERU and enables families and clinicians to access Bugzi at a time in a child’s life when they can most benefit from the discovery, experience and learning that independent mobility brings.

The child assessment service is provided at QEF's Mobility Centre in Carshalton, Surrey, as well as through 10 other partner centres across the UK, including Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

What is Bugzi?

Bugzi is a powered wheelchair for children up to about 6 years old. It is an indoor wheelchair that can be used on any flat surface such as at home; nursery or school; museums; play centre; shopping centre; etc. It isn't waterproof though so needs to stay dry and is only tested to go over small bumps (about 2cm), so isn't for use on hills or uneven surfaces. Bugzi can easily be transported in a vehicle. 

Who can use Bugzi?

Bugzi is for children up to 25kgs or with a maximum lower leg measurement (back of knee to heal) of 33cm. It can be used with one switch to move in a circular direction, or can be used with a joystick to move all around, and other options in between.  There are no limitations to a child’s developmental abilities that would affect their access to the Bugzi Loan Scheme.

Bugzi uses the ActiveDesign mini CAPS seating system which provides multiple levels of postural support. The broad specification and flexibility of the controls and seating mean that Bugzi can be successfully accessed by children with complex needs.

How can I access a Bugzi for my child?

Download and complete the Bugzi application form. After receiving your form an occupational therapost will be in touch. There is then an assessment for your child at one of our 11 partner satellite centres around the UK. 

Where can I try a Bugzi?

We have 11 partner satellite centres around the UK. An occupational therapist or physiotherapist will provide you with an assessment and then hopefully your own Bugzi to take home with you that day. Our satellite centres are:

Carshalton –  QEF Mobility Centre, Leeds – The William Merritt Disabled Living CentreTruro – Cornwall Mobility CentreThetford – East Anglian DrivabilityGlasgow  The Bobath CentreBirmingham – Regional Driving Assessment CentreBelfast – Mae Murray FoundationDerby – Derby DrivAbilitySt Helens – North West Driving Assessment ServiceAylesbury – The Pace Centre, Cardiff, Wales (contact MERU for clinic dates) 

More information

Download a Bugzi application form 

Call us on 0208 770 1151 or email our team at MERU .

Visit MERU's website

Join our Bugzi families Facebook group.

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