QEF Mobility Services is one the UK's largest providers of mobility advice and support for people with disabilities and age-related impairments. We provide a wide range of services focused on helping people of all ages become mobile and independent. As one of the UK’s top 3 providers we complete around 1,300 mobility assessments each year, along with advice and training with adaptations and solutions to ensure maximum mobility.  Referrals are not required.

Driving Assessments objectively measure a person's capability to drive safely. These are suitable for people returning to driving, older people at licence renewal or those who have a medical condition or disability. If you are unsure how a medical condition or disability may impact on your licensing entitlement or you would like more information, you can access the DVLA Fitness to Drive document from this link Assessing fitness to drive 

Driving tuition, retraining and learning to drive are undertaken by qualified driving instructors experienced in teaching people with disabilities, including deaf pupils. Our private track provides a safe place to learn how to control a vehicle before using public roads. 

Transfer and Seating Assessments available for adults or children, these assessments offer the opportunity to trial equipment to transfer in and out of vehicles comfortably and advice on seating and posture.

QEF Tryb4uFly: Prepare for air travel with our unique assessment service, in our full size aircraft cabin section, to determine the best transfer, seating and support options. 

Powered wheelchairs for young children: Bugzi is a small powered wheelchair for young children provided by our sister charity MERU, which enable young children to access independent mobility, often for the first time. Bugzi is available on a free loan scheme and assessments are with a paediatric occupational therapist at up to 11 partner centres across the UK. Bugzi gives children the time they need to learn how to control a powered wheelchair, which can help them access an powered wheelchair in the NHS when they are assessed.

QEF Mobility Services are proud to be part of Driving Mobility

Our independent assessment services are accredited by the national charity Driving Mobility.  This is the umbrella body which oversees 20 member centres across the UK – some of which are wholly charitable organisations whilst others operate within the NHS. Driving Mobility ensures that there are common standards, promotes good practice and offers training and education to all regional centres, whilst working closely with associated national organisations. These include the Department for Transport, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, Driver and Vehicle Agency (NI), Motability and the Police, along with many other valued stakeholders. Driving Mobility is privileged to have Baroness Thomas of Winchester as their patron, and is supported by HM Government.