As one of the UK’s top 3 providers we complete around 1,000 mobility assessments each year along with advice and training with adaptations and solutions to ensure maximum mobility.  Referrals are not required.
Driving Assessments objectively measure the capability to drive safely; suitable for those returning to driving, older people at licence renewal or those requiring clarification if there is any concern.

The drivers’ medical section within the DVLA deals with all aspects of driver licensing when there are medical conditions that impact, or potentially impact, on safe control of a vehicle. If you are unsure how a medical condition or disability may impact on your licensing entitlement or you would like more information, you can access the Fitness to Drive document from this link Assessing fitness to drive 

Driving tuition, retraining and unlicensed driving are undertaken on our private track by qualified driving instructors experienced in teaching people with disabilities, including deaf pupils.

Seating and Transfer Assessment for adults or children offers trial of equipment and advice on seating and posture.

Prepare for air travel with a disabled child under 11 with our Tryb4uFly assessment service, in our full-size aircraft cabin section, to determine the best seating and support options.