At Dorincourt our staff work closely with each resident to find out what makes them happy and what they want to do in life, and help them work towards those aspirations.

We engage with residents both on a one-to-one basis, and in groups. They can help to plan and arrange their leisure time, choosing activities ranging from shopping trips, restaurants, pubs, cinema, concerts and the theatre to sports matches, bowling, garden centres and the zoo. Residents can also join the local leisure centre, with regular trips for swimming or boccia.

Internal activities include events such as quiz nights, discos, birthday parties, cinema nights (provided by our own mini cinema), or football evenings watching a big match on Sky on our big screen. We also hold regular karaoke nights.

We also organise a number of special events and days throughout the year. Sometimes these have an educational theme such as a ‘Healthy living day’ or a ‘Disability awareness day’, but more often they are just for fun and include events like our family day, fun day, Christmas carol singalong, BBQs, coffee mornings etc.

Holidays are not provided as part of our programme. However, residents are free to accompany their families on holiday at any time, or we can support them in organising their own holiday through a specialist company.

Residents may also go home to visit family or friends at any time, and visitors are always welcome to spend time on site with a resident or take them out for the day.