Dorincourt currently has vacancies. To explore the possibility of a placement please contact Toni Hodges on 01372 841 334 or

Criteria for admission

At QEF Independent Living Services we endeavour to offer placements to people with physical and/or learning disabilities, who we feel can benefit from our help, support and services.  

We will consider referrals for people:

  • Aged between 18 and 65 years of age
  • Of either gender
  • Who have complex physical disabilities and/or learning disabilities
  • Who need medium/long term placements
  • Who aspire to a greater level of independence in their lives
  • Who require ongoing care for complex disabilities

Referrals will not be considered for the following:

  • People with severe mental health issues
  • People who are habitual offenders
  • People who require nursing care
  • People who are Schedule 1 offenders

Admission procedure for residential clients

We will offer a placement to a person if, after reading the reports and undertaking assessments, we genuinely believe we can provide a safe, caring environment for that person and that we can address, with some expectation of success, his or her needs.

Initial enquiries can be received directly from a client, their advocate, family or social worker.

An initial visit to look around, ask questions and meet staff and other clients is welcomed from the client and their family.

The social worker would also be invited to visit Dorincourt, to ensure the placement and environment are suitable.

Dorincourt will send out requests for appropriate referral information regarding the person, including educational reports, psychological assessments, social history, and their current situation.

Once all the information has been received it is assessed and, if appropriate, the person will be invited to attend a residential assessment for between 3 to 5 days. This would need to be agreed by social services. Clients are required to bring all of their equipment with them for the assessment in order that their needs can be fully assessed and understood. This would include equipment like shower chairs, bespoke mattresses or sleep systems etc.

Once the assessment is completed, Dorincourt will produce a written report outlining what we can offer to the person, the weekly charges and an offer of a placement.

If the needs of the person can not be met appropriately a placement will not be offered. We would, however, ensure that the funding authority was given clear reasons as to why we felt unable to do so.

Agreement to the funding of the placement is normally the responsibility of social services. Once funding has been agreed, an admission date can be set.

On admission, it is expected that the social worker will notify the relevant social service departments as required.

The placing authority is responsible for arranging and conducting any reviews.

Residential placements

Dorincourt is open for 52 weeks a year, although there are short breaks in the sessions and activities provided around Christmas, Easter and in August.