Air travel can be a daunting prospect for some disabled people, as its a very difficult environment to test and try out before committing money to a flight. 

QEF's Tryb4uFly assessments are provided by the expert team at QEF Mobility Services. Tryb4uFly assessments offer the opportunity to speak to an occupational therapist about your individual requirements and discuss the options available, so that you can feel confident and comfortable travelling by air. These assessments are specifically for disabled people who have either booked a flight or are considering flying.

Assessments are tailored to each individual and take place in a replica aircraft cabin.  A trained occupational therapist  will guide you through your options around boarding the aircraft, wheelchair transfer options, as you cannot stay in your own wheelchair, and support systems available on the aircraft. This enables you to get the real experience of what it is like to move down the aisle and transfer to your seat.

Our aims are to enable disabled people to make informed choices about flying, give people confidence by trying out the seating and transfer equipment available in an aircraft in a realistic and supported environment and advise people on the steps they can take before booking a flight to ensure the support they need is available

QEF Tryb4uFly Assessment Centres

Tryb4uFly assessments are available at 3 locations across the country: QEF Mobility Services in Carshalton - South London, The William Merritt Disabled Living Centre in Leeds  and RDAC in Birmingham.

Cabin Assessments

They were amazing absolutely brilliant and nothing was too much trouble.

The aim of the cabin assessment is to put your mind at rest. Whether you are flying with your disabled child for the first time or if you want to find out for yourself about the practicalities of flying, we give you hands-on experience and advice with a trained occupational therapist.

You can try equipment that helps you transfer and board the aircraft, together with seating and postural supports to determine which suits you best and train you on how to use them.

Cabin assessments are conducted with a trained occupational therapist and normally last 45 minutes to an hour. At least half the assessment takes place in a realistic cabin environment so you can experience some of the space restrictions and equipment that can be used on board.

As basic seating choice can be critical, it is advisable to attend a cabin assessment before entering into any financial commitment or purchase of flight tickets and/or equipment. The main features of the assessment are:
- Showing you seating and transfer equipment with the opportunity to try them
- Exploring the benefits of the different systems
- Advising you on airline choice
- Experience transferring in and out of your wheelchair and on board wheelchair.
- An opportunity to raise questions about your journey

At the end of the assessment we provide you with a summary of the assessment, together with any photographic evidence to help your airline understand the situation. We can also help with hiring equipment.

Book a QEF Tryb4uFly assessment

For more information or to book your assessment at our centres in Leeds, Birmingham or Carshalton, South London, call us on 020 8770 1151 or email  Download our QEF Tryb4uFly Assessment Application Form and send back to us by email or post.