QEF is a charity committed to helping people with disabilities increase their independence and achieve their goals in life. We provide practical support through our products and personalised services that help children and adults with disabilities increase their independence.

Our Accessible Aviation team support people of all ages who require additional help to travel by air.  Across the UK we offer Tryb4uFly cabin assessments, run events and give free information to showcase practical steps that can improve flight experiences. We also work closely with national Aviation Authorities, UK and international airports, airlines and service providers, campaigners and other charities to provide accurate and useful information direct to disabled people. 

Our credentials:
Our Tryb4uFly assessment service has been helping people with disabilities prepare for air travel for several years and the team attend numerous events across the UK, sharing practical advice to as many people as possible. Our team have extensive knowledge of the constraints of the cabin environment and the practical requirements of severely disabled travellers

We now work directly with the UK Civil Aviation Authority and are a member of their Travel Advisory Group. We are also working closely with airports across the UK such as Edinburgh, to help them better support customers with disabilities and improve their performance in this area. We are also a member of HAAG - Heathrow Access Advisory Group, helping to improve the experience of travel through this airport for people with disabilities.

Our work is supported by an independent Aviation Access Network made up of aviation industry experts and disabled travellers.

If you are an occupational therapist, travel agent or airline looking to improve the service you offer your customers, we have a wide range of training packages that can upskill your staff and give them confidence in this area.

We also offer expert consultancy, working with your business to improve recognition and understanding of the needs of people with reduced mobility and disabilities, so that you can excel in this important market.