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The multi-disciplinary team at QEF’s Care and Rehabilitation Centre offer expert neuro rehabilitation for adults following an acquired brain injury, stroke, neurological illness or incomplete spinal injury. 

Our services are available on a residential, day or outpatient basis. We provide support for adults with physical, cognitive and/or communication disabilities as a result of an acquired brain injury, including stroke, accidents and neurological illness. This may also include mild to moderate behavioural problems. 

We also work closely with families and everyone involved with an individual's long term care, helping them with the process of moving back home or to supported living, back to education or work. 

Our services are also available on an outpatient basis, offering therapy and local home visit services for people with neurological disabilities. We have a diverse range of one-to-one support programmes, tailored to help improve cognitive, communication, physical, social and functional abilities. 

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Distinct client pathways

QEF's Care and Rehabilitation Centre provides 5 distinct client pathways:
- Long term care for complex neurological illness, for people needing nursing care for long term complex needs
- Intense neuro rehabilitation after a stroke or acquired brain injury.  Clients come directly from hospital to begin their rehabilitation straight away, as well as community and private referrals.
- Intense neuro rehabilitation following surgery, Guillain-Barre Syndrome or incomplete spinal injury
- Slow stream neuro rehabilitation following an acquired brain injury to rebuild key life skills
- Respite  / long term neurological support for conditions such as Duchenne Muscular dystrophy

Life-changing support from a multi-disciplinary team

Our specialist services are delivered by a highly experienced multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals, including :
- a consultant in rehabilitation medicine,
- GP
- specialist nurses
- support workers
- physiotherapists,
- speech and language therapists,
- occupational therapists and
- clinical psychologists

We also offer art and recreational activities, adding extra value and quality to our clients’ rehabilitation. 


QEF's Care and Rehabilitation Centre is just outside Leatherhead, in Surrey. The spacious, well equipped building has been specifically designed and built to meet the needs of QEF's clients.  Rooms are modern and bright with a comfortable homely environment, there are extensive therapy facilities with a large spacious gym and several adaptable therapy rooms. Clients each have their own en-suite bedroom, some with additional kitchenettes and each room is supported by innovative assistive technology and a nurse call system.  
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What our clients say:

Watch Richard talk about how 'QEF gave him back his life' after an acquired brain injury from falling down the stairs.

Read Michael's story about recovering from the neurological impact of COVID-19 

Read Gerry's story about how expert physiotherapy at QEF got him going again after spinal surgery

Paul’s story: 

Before his stroke, Paul was a detective with a keen interest in photography.  The rehab he’s received at QEF has helped him to walk independently using a stick, and his speech is continually improving. His love of photography has also boosted his recovery – the physio and art therapists have had him crouching and twisting to get the right angle for a shot.

The staff have such a ‘can-do’, encouraging attitude and are always cheerful and smiling. They’ve given me the confidence to do things like take the bus on my own, and I can see big improvements in my speech, language and walking.”

Frankie’s story   

Frankie is a lively 21 year old woman who contracted Guillain-Barré Syndrome in September 2016. This left her with limited active control in all four limbs and unable to sit unsupported. Her therapy programme has included specialist nursing, physio, occupational therapy, art and psychology. She can now use her hands and arms again, and is relearning to walk. She has moved into a flat, and gone back to college. 

I see QEF as my home from home. It’s a calm, friendly atmosphere, and the staff give you the time to go at your own pace – they’re very patient and have supported me all the way.” 


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