Certified Equality Training to drive confidence for aviation staff

With the aviation sector in the grip of the consequences of the pandemic, QEF has teamed up with recognised equality trainers to develop a Disability Equality Training Course specifically aimed at the global aviation industry.  This unique course aims to ensure that as the sector rebuilds post COVID-19, equality for Disabled people is at the heart of the industry. Disabled people and those living with a long term health condition make up the world’s largest minority group, and their return to flying will be essential to airline and airports planning recovery. 

To develop this course, QEF have partnered with Mary Doyle; accessible aviation consultant, executive coach, Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT®) and one of Britain’s most influential Disabled people on the Disability Power 100 list in 2018 and 2020. 

This one day interactive course is aimed at the global aviation sector, for staff who are required to understand disability equality to improve the passenger experience, comply with aviation regulatory requirements and ensure they are providing inclusive service at every stage of the journey. Online and instructor led, this course encourages attendees, wherever they are based, to fully participate. It makes good use of exploratory discussions, videos, chat, online polls and recent news events, including COVID-19. The aim is to increase understanding of Disabled people, their rights, compliance with accessible aviation laws and solutions to remove and prevent barriers to equality,

This course builds on QEF’s expertise in supporting thousands of disabled people to feel confident about air travel.  It has been designed and delivered by people with lived experience of disability,  with insight and experience of the issues people face, as well as a thorough understanding of the specific challenges faced by the sector.

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"It provides such a balance of disability equality and awareness for the aviation environment, which is also designed and delivered by specialists in accessibility and aviation - it’s fantastic."

Geraldine Lundy, MBE. Director - Accessible Travel Consultancy Ltd

Making aviation more accessible

Travelling by air opens-up a world of possibilities and a range of practical challenges for many disabled travellers. QEF's Accessible Aviation team support people considering flight who need practical help and advice, together with advising the aviation and healthcare sectors to improve their understanding of disabled passenger’s requirements. 

Flight Video Guides and Tryb4ufly cabin assessments

Unless you fly frequently it can be hard to know exactly what the aircraft cabin is like and what support is available. Our unique Tryb4uFly assessment guides you through the journey in a realistic cabin environment where you can try equipment and investigate options for you to remain comfortable throughout your flight. 

Our comprehensive Flight Video Guides show you the complete journey from arrival at the airport through to boarding, seating and disembarking the aircraft so you can prepare and feel confident about the flight.  We usually exhibit at disability lifestyle exhibitions and events across the UK for you to discuss your flight and learn practical ways to make your journey more comfortable. See our Facebook page to keep up to date on product features, news and local events. Thank you to the Independent who regularly feature QEF's film in any stories they cover about people's experiences of flying with a disability.