Making aviation more accessible

Travelling by air opens-up a world of possibilities and a range of practical challenges for many disabled travellers. QEF's Accessible Aviation team support people considering flight who need practical help and advice, as well as advising the aviation and healthcare sectors to improve their understanding of disabled passenger’s requirements. 

Flight Video Guides

In partnership with the UK Civil Aviation Authority we have developed two unique sets of films to support disabled people to access air travel with knowledge and confidence.

Our film 'Flying as a Powered Wheelchair User' shows a complete journey by air from preparation and arrival at the airport, through to boarding, seating and disembarking the aircraft, so you can prepare and feel confident about the flight. 

We also have 4 shorter films that support people to fly with a hidden disability, particularly dementia, autism, a stoma and aphasia. 

QEF Tryb4uFly cabin assessments

Unless you fly frequently it can be hard to know exactly what the aircraft cabin is like and what support is available for your specific requierments. Our unique Tryb4uFly assessment service guides you through the journey in a realistic cabin environment, where you can try equipment and investigate options for you to remain comfortable throughout your flight.