QEF's Independent Living Services, at Dorincourt near Leatherhead, currently has some places available for young people with disabilities who want to develop the skills and experience for living independently. 

The supportive environment at Dorincourt ensures personal dignity, autonomy, choice and freedom for individuals to become more assertive, less dependent and take personal responsibility. All activities can be directed by the residents, with life coaches on hand to help them explore options for careers, recreation and gaining skills such as money management and domestic daily living skills. There is also support from physiotherapists and other medical support can be provided as appropriate. 

There are three types of accommodation available. Individual rooms with ensuite bathrooms, group homes where they live with others and share cooking and chores, and independent flats where they can live essentially on their own, but with a safety net of support.

Places at Dorincourt are available quite rarely, but there are now some available. 

To find out more about the service you can download the latest brochure here.