26 June 2019
We would like to thank all the employees at Guildford-based FinTech firm, Gold-i, who have raised £5,000 over the last year to buy a Bugzi, an indoor powered wheelchair which offers pre-school age children with disabilities the chance to experience mobility, often for the first time in their lives. The team of 35 people at Guildford raised money through a range of activities including office sweepstakes and international food days, which involved donating money for a lunchtime buffet consisting of homemade food made members of the team.
12 May 2017
QEF partner charity, MERU is now selling switch adapted toys. For the past few years, MERU has offered to adapted toys at Christmastime, but this required parents to send in Toys that they had bought themselves. But now, as there was such a huge demand to adapt toys last Christmas, we’ve decided to keep some adapted toys in stock all year round! These toys can be bought direct from the MERU online shop - click here to visit the shop.
28 July 2016
Simone McIntyre Presents the BBC Radio 4 Appeal QEF would like to let our supporters and friends of the charity know about the BBC Radio 4 Appeal that is being launched to raise funds to allow MERU, a member of the QEF Family of Charities, build more Bugzis.
03 December 2015
Pictured in Image 1 are Jonathan and Sarah Leeson, Nick Rawson and Richard Wylde at the MERU centre in Epsom viewing a Bugzi wheelchair. Throughout 2015, staff members at ExxonMobil’s Leatherhead Office have been supporting MERU an Epsom based charity that designs and creates equipment for children with disabilities. They recently visited MERU, to view one of the charity’s Bugzi powered wheelchairs for children, which their efforts have funded.