We are always happy to work with journalists and have expert spokespeople, with media training, from several fields related to disability, mobility, neurorehabilitation, assistive technology, and charity work. These experts can provide comments, quotes or by-lined features on these areas and how they relate to current affairs, and are experienced interview subjects.

Our chief executive officer, Karen Deacon, can also comment on issues directly affecting QEF.

We regularly receive requests for case studies and involvement of our clients in media projects, but we have a duty of care to the individuals we work with so we exercise a high level of due diligence when considering these.

We will respond to all media enquiries as quickly as possible and can usually turn around quotes or responses to questions the same day, even if you have a deadline that is out of normal office hours.

The first point of contact is our press office, which can be reached by emailing PR@qef.org.uk