Through our partner charity, MERU, we design and manufacture assistive equipment for children and young people with disabilities.  

Bugzi, our powered wheelchair for young children, is loaned for free, offering the opportunity to move around independently - often for the first time. This means children can be more active and interactive with their family and friends. To apply for a Bugzi for your child you will need to complete an application form and attend an assesment at one of our many centres across the country. Please contact our friendly team at MERU on 01372 725 203 or you can send them an email.   

Useful and fun assitive products  

MERU sell a wide range of bespoke, useful and fun products for a wide variety of needs, all of which are aimed at making life easier or safer. These include: 

* Flexzi - a flexible mounting arm, so you can achieve the perfect psoition to easily access smaller items like mobile phones, remote controls and sat navs. 

* Flexzi 2 - a double stranded Flexzi that provides a more stable support syste to mount larger items. Ideal for tablets and other larger items.

* Flexzi max - a desk console to mount all your stuff so that you can position it where you want it! 

* Rokzi Armz - a simple andf effective stability system for school chairs

* Grabzi - a grippable grab bar, a simple way of helping people with impaired upper limb function to stabilise themselves

* Groovz - a stable arm guide hat enables people to perform useful tasks with their hands that they may not otherwise be able to manage

* Splatz - non-slip button holders designed for easy positioning, safety and fun. Keeps switches still and reduces harm caused by impact

* Moozi - a low profile switch joystick thats simple to position on a tray or table 

* Buckle Stopz - a car safety device that can prevent children from releasing their safety belts

The MERU website is currently experiencing technical issues, so for more information on any of these products please contact our team by email or call 01372 725 203

Adapting toys 

The team at MERU, often supported by fantastic volunteers, can adapt children's favourite toys so they can be used with a wide variety of accessible switches. This means everyone can join in playing, racing cars and moving to music. These toys also teach children ‘cause and effect’ which can be helpful in learning about the world.

You can also buy pre-adapted toys, along with whichever accessible switch is right for your child, direct from MERU. For more information on how to send in your favourite toy or on our range available to buy contact the team by email or call 01372 725 203

Bespoke equipment to match your individual needs
The engineers at MERU can also design custom made equipment to meet a specific need when there is isn't anything suitable on the market.

To find out more contact our team by email or call 01372 725 203