Kirsty - Senior Carer

Kirsty is a Senior Carer working at QEF’s Care and Rehabilitation Centre and started her role in January 2021. Before joining QEF, Kirsty was a waitress for five and a half years. She is also a psychology student with neuro-psychology being the main area she is hoping to progress into. When Kirsty was furloughed she wanted to do something that was more related to her career ambitions.

Kirsty says: “I googled ‘neuro rehab centres near me’ and up popped QEF which I thought sounded great and so it went from there. There was a position available for a carer so I applied and then progressed to Senior Carer after 4 months or so.

My favourite thing about working at the CRC is the patients. They are so wonderful, it can be difficult for them sometimes, but they are really lovely… they’re joyful. I definitely try to have a relationship with our clients, it is such a personal thing that we’re doing, we need to have a personal connection with them and be friendly and kind.

There was one woman who’d had a stroke and was having a really low time. She wasn’t seeing people because of isolation and her family were  quite far away, so I thought ‘every time I’m on shift I’m going to come and have a chat with you’ and I did.  She made such great progress, she was walking by the time she left.  We both cried when she left because it was such a rewarding and emotional experience seeing her leaving.

Moving forward I’m just going with the flow, my long term goal is to do my psychology doctorate and then become a clinical psychologist specializing in neuro…so I guess we will just see where I end up.”