Giovanni - Senior Support Worker

Image of Giovanni - Senior Support Worker at QEF

Giovanni is a  Senior Support Worker at QEF’s Independent Living Service, a specialist residential care service for people with complex physical disabilities and additional learning disabilities. Giovanni started at QEF in April 2018.

“Before QEF, I was a traffic warden. There were many reasons I wanted to leave the industry and go into care, so I started looking online and came across Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People (QEF). It sounded like an interesting role and I’ve been here ever since.

In April 2018, I joined QEF as a Support Worker. I quickly progressed to becoming a Driver Support Worker which meant taking residents shopping and to hospital trips. Then I became part of the activities team and organised taking residents on day trips around the South-East of England. We went to Brighton, Littlehampton and Minehead. Now I’m one of the Senior Support Workers here at Dorincourt, Leatherhead.

Every day my role is different. I tend to get to work around 7am and complete the handover with the night team. I get the approved medication ready for the residents and give it to them, if anything needs to be added into the handover then I add it in. The residents have the freedom to move around our service or stay in their room. If they decide to stay in their room then they each have a bell they can ring if they need anything, so I ensure that each of the bells are answered across the ground floor, first floor and Woodside.

After lunch, I’ll complete the medication again, make sure that all the staff have had their breaks whilst also maintaining enough people on the floor. I’ll check that laundry and washing has been done and is up to date.

The most rewarding part of my role is the conversations that I have with the residents every day. It really makes you think, they’re so determined to achieve their own goals and there’s no way you’ll stand in their way! They all like their independence such as achieving their goals and doing something for the first time. If they’ve set their mind to something, they will do anything possible to get there. The most rewarding part of my role is helping the residents achieve their goals!

Over the years I’ve been at Dorincourt, I think my favourite memory has to be the fun we had on the trips, but saying that, the trips were nice but it’s fun here too! Some of the things that the residents say is so interesting. Its nice just to sit down with them and let them express themselves!