QEF Equipment Services

Through QEF Mobility Services we provide mobility equipment assessments for wheelchairs and scooters that can support you to find the best equipment to meet your requirements.  Contact us at mobility@qef.org.uk or call us on 0208 770 1151to find out more.

MERU (part of the QEF Group)

At MERU we aim to improve the lives of children with disabilities, by creating new possibilities. We design and make a wide range of specialist assistive equipment such as the Flexi 3 ipad holder, the Travel chair for air travel and a free loan scheme for Bugzi, our mini powered wheelchair.

Following an assessment by a paediatric Occupational Therapist, Bugzis are available for the family to take home and use for as long as the child needs it. It is then returned, refurbished and reloaned to another child. Bugzis give young disabled children independent mobility - often for the first time. The Bugzi loan scheme is available nationwide. 

We also have a range of switch adapted toys and special needs toys that can provide children with the opportunity to learn and achieve.

Our products can provide children with independence and the chance to have fun and make friends. Our vision is to see all disabled young people and their families living life to its full potential. Call our friendly team at MERU on 0208 7701151 or email info@meru.org.uk

MERU have moved

MERU are now based at QEF Mobility Services in Carshalton:
1 Metcalfe Avenue

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