Bugzi is a small powered wheelchair designed and manufactured by MERU, part of the QEF group of charities. Bugzi can give a child under 5 independent mobility for the first time and is loaned to families for free after completing an application form and a short assessment with a occupational therapist. QEF Mobility Services is one of 11 centres across the UK where children can be assessed for a Bugzi. 

A Bugzi assessment can be a fantastic experience for a child, especially when they realise they can move Bugzi and go wherever they want to go! Fortunately Bugzi has an off switch and speed control so parents can keep them safe.

Rayan's assessment was really lovely as he realised quite quickly that he could explore and go wherever he wanted to and he didn't always listen to his Dad! He found this very funny and so did everyone else. 

Charlie's assessment shows the impact Bugzi can have as he visibly enjoys moving himself forward for the first time and with such a gorgeous smile! 

Blythe loved going round and round in circles and found it really funny. Her delight and gorgeous smile made everyone happy