ASK FIRST - unique Disability awareness training

With the aviation sector in the grip of the consequences of the pandemic, QEF has entered a partnership with customer experience experts and recognised equality trainers, Ethos Farm, to create a unique accessibility and disability equality programme developed specifically for the aviation industry. 

The ASK FIRST programme supports the sector as it looks to rebuild post COVID-19, to ensure that equality for Disabled people is at the heart of the industry. Disabled people and those living with long-term health conditions make up the world’s largest minority group, and their return to flying will be essential to airline and airports planning recovery. 

These unique training courses are written and delivered by disabled people and track the entire passenger journey; focusing on customers with physical, sensory, cognitive and mental health conditions, both visible and invisible. They offer digital and virtual classroom training, to empower frontline staff and managers to identify passengers that may require additional support and feel confident engaging and assisting customers.

ASK FIRST includes an interactive animated e-learning module, providing disability confidence for all staff, and a one-day CPD accredited, Disability Equality Training course to ensure organisations share a disability inclusive agenda at all levels

QEF have developed the ASK FIRST programme with Mary Doyle and Ethos Farm. Mary Doyle is an accessible aviation consultant, executive coach, Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT®) and one of Britain’s most influential Disabled people on the Disability Power 100 list in 2018 and 2020. Ethos Farm are award winning customer experience and learning and development experts, providing online training programmes that impact employees across all organisational levels. 

The ASK FIRST suite of training courses combine QEF’s expertise in supporting thousands of disabled people to feel confident about air travel and Ethos Farm's award-winning provision of customer and employee experience.  It has been designed and is delivered by people with lived experience of disability, with insight and experience of the issues people face, as well as a thorough understanding of the specific challenges faced by the sector.

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