Paul is a Senior Occupational Therapist at QEF's Mobility Services. 

‘Occupational therapy is very important across the range of services at QEF. My role is focused on our Mobility Services and although it is a pure occupational therapy role, the emphasis is on positive change through mobility to enhance, create and maintain occupations.  This could include driving a car with specific adaptations, using public transport, cycling or being a passenger on a plane. Basically, all outdoor mobility that is meaningful to the person and beneficial to immediate family and friends. 

We work alongside other specialists such as driving advisors and therapists such as physio, speech and language, psychology, neurology, and paediatricians. We also carry out more specialist work with case managers and solicitors and develop unique relationships with organisations such as the DVLA medical advisors, adaptation specialist engineers, equipment suppliers and organisations for sourcing funding.

Personally, I really look forward to talking to specialist teams and groups in the community and presenting at training courses, which is a key part of the occupational therapy role at QEF.

Continuing Professional Development is also key – it’s impossible not to learn something new every day when working on the ground in this role, but the academic work never stops either and all assessors have to attain an ‘outdoor mobility and driving’ diploma at Chester University. The findings and conclusions from the university course have been invaluable to improving and influencing the work we carry out. 

There are always new developments and projects at QEF to get excited about - it’s a great place to work.’