Watch Muriel Sandy, Care and Nursing Manager, explain why she loves being a nurse and why she enjoys working at QEF's Care and Rehabilitation Centre. 

Or you can read the transcript below: 

I got into nursing because I had an elderly grandfather who was really struggling for support. I was at the age of 14 and I decided that I would do everything to make sure that he is comfortable and at the age of 18 I decided to join the nursing profession and here I am today.

I love nursing because I enjoy putting smiles on peoples face. I want to make sure that as a nurse, I do the best I can to offer the best care people are expecting when they go to the hospital. Making sure that they have the right treatment, right medicine, the right support that they need to make sure that they are being discharged a better person.

I worked in the hospital setting for a number of years, but I decided I'd move to social care. I enjoy social care because it gives me the opportunity to work with a multi-disciplinary team. Seeing people from one situation into another. I’m able to support them in a holistic way, making sure that their social needs, medical needs are taken care of and making sure their families are supported through the journey.

I really enjoy being a nurse at QEF. It gives me the opportunity to see patients from the time they’re admitted, seeing them through their rehab journey and its wonderful to see them when they’re discharged, some of them walking through the door and with a great smile on their face, saying thank you to the staff for what a great opportunity they had and they enjoyed their stay at QEF.

I’ve been working for QEF for the past seven years, I’ve recently become the Care and Nursing Manager. I was a Nurse here but I was supported by the senior managers and the team to get to through to where I am today. QEF is a wonderful place to work, you have all the care and support that you need from the team.