Expert neuro rehabilitation in a modern and comfortable environment 

QEF has a long history of providing expert advice and life changing services to disabled people with a wide range of conditions. The new Care and Rehabilitation Centre will be a focal point for neuro rehabilitation, providing multi-disciplinary expertise in a modern and comfortable environment. 

Bringing  teams of neurological specialists under one roof, the Care and Rehabilitation Centre will include therapists and nurses who will deliver a person-centred service that's tailored to the needs of each indvidual; enabling each person to rebuild their lives and maximise their independence. 

Therapists will have a suite of adaptable therapy rooms and a large fully equipped gym, enabling them to work collaboratively in improving outcomes for individuals; setting goals for development to help each person achieve their potential.  

Delivered by multi-disciplinary expertise

The service will be delivered by a of neurological specialists including:
- nurses,
- physiotherapists 
- occupational therapists,
- speech and language therapists,
- clinical psychologists,
- experienced support staff

Teams work collaboratively with colleagues across health and social care organisations to ensure optimum care for clients, both within the centre and at the point people transition out of the service.

Person-centred care designed from the ground up

The Care and Rehabilitation Centre has been specifically designed and built for QEF, with modern, state-of-the-art facilities in a comfortable and homely environment. The building has been designed to ensure that person-centred care is at the heart of our neuro rehabilitation service, with therapy areas that can be adapted to reflect each individual’s requirements and an emphasis on social and personal space, both indoors and outside.   You can read more about how this 'people-first' philosophy influenced the design of the building in an interview with the architect.

Innovative Assistive Technology

Continuing QEF’s commitment to person-centred care, every bedroom has been equipped with assistive technology, offering each person greater control over their personal space. Voice or switch activated commands will enable each person to control the lighting and temperature in their room, whether blinds are open or closed and turning the TV on and off as they choose. And if they decide they are ready for bed, a single command such as ‘Its bedtime’ will activate a pre-programmed group of commands that switches the room to bedtime settings; closing the blinds and turning off the TV for example.

Offering someone greater control over their personal space will support their sense of self determination and development of greater independence, especially as this technology is readily available, so each person will be able to continue to use it after they leave QEF.   This is a unique aspect of the Care and Rehabilitation Centre that continues QEF’s history of pioneering change for disabled people.

Facilities include:

- 48 ensuite bedrooms, some with additional kitchenettes
- Assistive technology in every bedroom offering greater control over personal environments
- state-of-the-art therapy gym and adaptable therapy rooms
- multi-purpose recreational rooms and informal social areas
- large, spacious dining rooms
- training kitchen and laundry facilities
- accessible gardens

Connections with the community

Based just outside Leatherhead in Surrey, the Care and Rehabilitation Centre enjoys beautiful surroundings whilst also benefitting from close connections to the local towns of Leatherhead and Stoke D’Abernon.  A bus service is planned with the local council to ensure accessible transport is available, and this is supported by driver support workers who can access a wide range of vehicles for regular trips to the shops and community activities, as well as larger planned activities. 

There is a new housing development alongside the Care and Rehabilitation Centre that ensures the location will grow as part of the wider community.   

Bedrooms all have ensuite bathrooms with connecting hoists

Spacious therapy gym with two hoist systems

Light and airy corridors and activity areas