We provide training, life style solutions, encouragement and support for disabled children and adults. Our aim is to help every individual to achieve their goals for life, which may involve learning to drive a car, gaining the skills and confidence to live independently or starting on a programme of rehabilitation following an acquired brain injury.  We provide support, teach them skills and develop their expertise to help them achieve greater independence in their lives.


At QEF we work together to deliver caring and creative solutions for people with disabilities of all ages, enabling them to live life to the full. 


To deliver the services that disabled people want and need.


Everyone Matters

  • Respectful – value everyone equally, show interest in others, be welcoming, polite and approachable and consider others
  • Supportive – be patient, empathetic, understanding, compassionate, helpful, encouraging and friendly
  • Appreciative – value other’s contributions, celebrate achievements, notice other’s efforts and say thank you


Everyone Works Together

  • Collaborative – be responsive, give mutual support, inspire and enable others to succeed
  • Actively listening – encourage people to have their say, openly engage, explore and build on people’s ideas and contributions
  • Communicative – share information openly and in a timely manner and keep people informed and updated and take time to talk / interact with people


Everyone Makes a Difference

  • Responsible – be professional, organised, positive, speak up about concerns and show integrity at all times
  • Innovative – create solutions, think outside the box, look forwards and shape the future
  • Learning – share learning, learn from others and broaden our knowledge, seek and offer constructive feedback, create an open culture and measure our impact