VASD (Voluntary Association for Surrey Disabled)

At VASD we provide a high quality service to physically disabled people in Surrey, their families and health professionals.  We offer mobility and care products for sale and loan and we also have a fully accessible holiday home for hire on the Sussex coast. 

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MERU (Medical Engineering Resource Unit)

At MERU we aim to improve the lives of children with disabilities, by creating new possibilities. We design and make specialist assistive products such as the Travelchair and Bugzi, our mini powered wheelchair. Our products can provide children with independence, liberation and the opportunity to learn and achieve, as welll as the chance to have fun and make friends. Our vision is to see all disabled young people and their families living life to its full potential.

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Sutton Shopmobility

Based in the St Nicholas Centre carpark in Sutton, Surrey, we offer a loan service for manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and powered scooters for people with mobility problems. We can also provide an Assistant Service for visually impaired people and nervous/first time wheelchair or scooter users.

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