We want to help more people recover lost skills, strengthen their abilities and live the life they choose.”
Karen Deacon, CEO 
Our new, state-of-the-art Care and Rehabilitation Centre will be a centre of disability expertise, bringing a range of expert therapists and specialist nurses under one roof. We will provide vital support for adults with physical and learning disabilities, people who have acquired brain injury and stroke survivors. It will enable us to offer our residents and neuro rehabilitation clients the very best accommodation and expert care available.We are looking forward to moving into this fantastic new centre in Spring 2020.

A comfortable, specialist centre

Our purpose-built centre of expertise will be modern and comfortable, and located in attractive Surrey countryside near Leatherhead. 

Every bedroom will include the latest assistive technology, enabling our service users to turn on their TV, open and close their blinds, and  control their heating and lighting without assistance. 

We will be able to provide a person centered service to disabled people. By setting personal goals for development and enabling people to achieve them, each person will be supported to maximise their independence and live the life they choose.

The centre has been environmentally designed using daylighting and modern renewable building materials, including solar panels, to reduce running costs and increase sustainability.The modern, airy and bright rooms will draw on the landscaped grounds outside, providing a peaceful, calming and relaxed environment, aiding recovery. 

Therapy areas will be clearly separated from accommodation to create distinct ‘rest’ and ‘work’ spaces for rehabilitation. 

The use of assistive technology in the bedroom is a unique aspect of the development. Disabled people will have real control over their surroundings, helping them become more independent and reducing their reliance on carers. 
We have planned for the building work to be complete by mid Janaury 2020, and after bringing in all the furniture and equipment needed to make it liveable and homely, both Neuro Rehabilitation and Independent Living Services will move in Spring 2020.

Facilities will include: 

  • 30 standard ensuite bedrooms for disabled residents with complex needs
  • 16 large ensuite rooms with kitchenette for more independent living
  • One 1-bed and one 2-bed studio
  • Assistive technology in every bedroom to help
  • Increase independence
  • New, state-of-the-art therapy gym and therapy rooms
  • Recreation rooms, multi-purpose communal rooms and informal social areas
  • Large, spacious dining rooms
  • Resident training kitchen and laundry facilities
  • Landscaped, accessible gardens

“In the new Centre all the best elements of our amazing neuro physio service will be built on, and we’ll have the opportunity to change and improve things that we couldn’t before. There will be bigger and better working spaces which will allow our therapy teams to work together even more effectively and help more people”
Katy, QEF physiotherapist

If you would like more information on anything about the new Care and Rehabilitation Centre email CRC@qef.org.uk