As part of the ASK FIRST programme, QEF have developed a one day, interactive and CPD accredited Disability Equality Training course. This is specifically aimed at the global aviation sector, for staff who are required to understand disability equality to improve the passenger experience, comply with aviation regulatory requirements and ensure they are providing an inclusive service at every stage of the journey.

Online and instructor led, this course encourages attendees, wherever they are based, to fully participate. It makes good use of exploratory discussions, videos, chat, online polls and recent news events, including COVID-19. The aim is to increase understanding of Disabled people, their rights, compliance with accessible aviation laws and solutions to remove and prevent barriers to equality.

In developing this course QEF partnered with Mary Doyle; accessible aviation consultant, executive coach, Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT®) and one of Britain’s most influential Disabled people on the Disability Power 100 list in 2018 and 2020. 

Mary says: "I’m delighted to co-create this training solution with QEF, who are experts in accessible aviation, the customer journey and disability. We intend to empower our aviation colleagues with a deeper understanding around disability equality and the direct actions to improve inclusion to ensure passenger confidence. And for everyone attending to have an enjoyable, highly topical and long-lasting learning experience.”

The Disability Equality Training course is part of the ASK FIRST disability awareness programme and builds on QEF’s expertise in supporting thousands of disabled people to feel confident about air travel.  It has been designed and delivered by people with lived experience of disability,  with insight and experience of the issues people face, as well as a thorough understanding of the specific challenges faced by the sector.

Course summary

This face to face interactive on-line course -designed and delivered by people with lived experience of disability, enables participants to explore, expand and apply their knowledge of Disability Equality in aviation.
It is custom built for commercial aviation staff who directly or indirectly support passengers and the content is constructed in line with the principles of the Social Model of Disability and UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled Persons with Disabilities.
It closely references UK, European and American Equality law, plus aviation regulations including 1107/2006 and 14 CFR Part 382 to ensure participants fully understand why disability equality matters for the customer, the industry and society.

The complete online course is divided into 3 Modules, lasting 90, 60 and 90 minutes respectively:
• Module 1 - defining disability, the history of disabled people and equality legislation
• Module 2 - examining the Social Model of Disability, the barriers that cause disability, from language to discrimination and stereotypes
• Module 3 - discussing the impact of COVID-19 on disability equality, examining the main categories of impairment and practical scenarios to learn best practice techniques to interact with disabled passengers at the airport or onboard
Each module features polls, question and answer sessions, videos and interactive discussion brought to life by our experienced trainers.
The course concludes with a 26 multiple question test to complete before a QEF Disability Equality Training certificate is distributed.

Learning Outcomes
- To understand disability from disabled people's perspective
- Increase your awareness of equality laws, best practices and legal duties for aviation services
-  Identify the barriers that disable people and address discriminatory forms of practice
- Assist your understanding of disability issues and their implications for aviation services during the COVID-19 pandemic
- Provide you with the confidence to use appropriate language and terminology
- Give you a tool kit of techniques for interacting with disabled passengers and those with a long-term health condition
- Show you how to initiate positive action ensuring disabled people can live, work and take part in life as equal citizens
- For you to be a “disability ally”

Principles of QEF’s DET
- The course is designed by disabled people and those with lived experience
- It is delivered online and in person by experienced disabled trainers
- Content is created in line with the Disabled People's Movement
- Our content is pan disability to cover the access requirements of the disabled community
- All modules are fully interactive for genuine understanding and long-term impact

How the course is delivered
The course is delivered by our experienced disabled trainers and those with lived experience, who use their own personal and aviation experiences to ensure the DET messages are presented in the most effective way.
The training style, with exploratory and unique conversations between our trainers and attendees, is an important part of the learning experience. 

This course provides attendees in aviation the confidence to empower their customer support teams in serving disabled people with dignity and respect. We seek to make you a disability ally.
It is suitable for managers, supervisors, service planning/delivery and customer facing service employees who work in aviation and need to be compliant. It is also suitable for those required to update their knowledge in disability equality in a post COVID-19 environment. It is assumed that participants are experienced in the operational environment.

Courses are bespoke for the aviation industry, please contact us for pricing.

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