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QEF specialises in developing people’s abilities to achieve sustainable employment. We focus on tailoring individual skills to meet employers’ needs.

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Professionals and Referers

Professionals and Referrers

Find out how QEF Vocational Services Employment Skills Programmes can assist your customers into sustainable employment.  Come and meet us and see for yourself what we can offer.



Enjoy updating your skills or learning new ones  in a friendly and supportive environment.  Your confidence will grow and open doors to new opportunities.

Training Programmes

Employment training

Programmes are tailored to suit individuals needs, improve employability skills and maximise the prospect of employment.

Specialist Programmes

Specialist Programmes

Anyone can try their hand at some of our evening and Saturday courses.

Assessment Centre

Initial Assessment

Our assessments will assist you and the QEF trainers to identify your strengths and empower you to achieve your goals.

Accomodation and Facilities

Accommodation and Facilities

Whether you stay on campus or travel daily, there are lots of opportunities to get involved in activities outside the training day.

Life stories

ILS Life Story
James Brett – CAD
Prior to commencing at QEF, James suffered with stress and anxiety due to experiences in his teenage years, including a poor education at school, which subsequently was almost closed following inspection.
James decided to walk away from his education without any qualifications, after being in the top sets for most subjects.  A short while afterwards he embarked on an Art & Design course at a local college but shortly afterwards he started having anxiety attacks which ruled his life for a number of years.
James had always wanted to be a car designer but due to circumstances, was unable to get started, being confined to the house for a long period of time.
Eventually James started going out on his bike in his local area, got into photography, which then lead him into editing photos in Photoshop and on to more self-taught software packages in art, design and music production.
Through his art James slowly started to recover and become more confident.  The DEA at his local job centre informed him of QEF.  Before long he attended the 3 day assessment for Computer Aided Design. Started his CAD course in March 2013 and by November 2013, James had not only wowed us all with his Art, he has been juggling to get into work and start a new career and shown just how talented he is.


ILS Life Story
Kerry’s Story
Kerry was brought up by his grandparents after his parents had left him, he was hard working self-employed multi-skilled builder he found himself unemployed for two yeas, he suffered a brake down unable to cope with the issues of abandonment from his parents, and became homeless, his life was looking bleak, “I really didn’t want to talk to anyone and wouldn’t have been fit to attend if I’d got a job interview.  I was in a pretty bad place”.
If I hadn’t got in to here (QEF) I’m not sure where I’d be now”. At QEF Kerry set about learning horticulture and hard landscaping Skills.  Practical experience is a
vital component of skills training so Kerry commenced a two day a week work placement with Landscaping firm, Gavin Jones Group, Adlestone, who assigned him to a prestigious site in Ascot.
“My confidence has grown so much since I’ve been here. I am happy with the way I’ve progressed.  Being here has changed me for the better.  It would be nice to start earning a wage”.The change in quality of life has been dramatic.
Kerry has gone on not only to achieve his level 2 Diploma in Horts but also, following the completion of his Practical training.  Gavin Jones Group was so pleased with him and his work that they offered him a full time job Kerry is still working for Gavin
Jones Group.
ILS Life Story
Luke’s Story
Luke had worked for many years in London as an accounts assistant and had continued working without realising how unwell he had become, until he had a serious breakdown. At this point, Luke took some time off and was diagnosed with schizophrenia and severe insomnia.  A period of rehabilitation followed which led to him coming to QEF to take a formal qualification in bookkeeping.
At QEF Luke achieved his OCR Level 2 Award in Bookkeeping & Accounts, Intermediate Spreadsheet processing and OCR Level 2 in Computerised Accounts. He now hopes to study for a qualification from the Association of Accounting
Technicians. Luke’s journey at QEF was about much more than just achieving his qualifications, an example being that playing poker helped Luke to develop his social skills.
After his diagnosis, Luke told us how he could not see himself ever being employed again.  But after a few months at QEF Peter Scudamore, Luke’s employment advisor, secured a period of practical training for Luke with a charity in King’s Cross called Bond, for two afternoons per week.  This gradually increased as Luke’s boss was so impressed with his work that he offered him an initial three month contract of paid employment, which has recently been extended.
Paul Butler, Luke’s line manager at Bond said: “Since Luke’s QEF placement, he has progressed as a finance officer and been given a contract. This contract was based purely on merit and his ability to handle the work required of this post,
together with his desire to forge ahead. He has settled in as one of the team and no thoughts are given to how and why he came here. This is a busy working environment and he gets on with it, handling the workload in his stride”.
ILS Life Story


Michael has completed his Technology Skills – CISCO Academy programme and is now in full time employment.


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ILS Life Story


George came to QEF Vocational Services after trying out many jobs from mechanics to demolition, but he had a plan…

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ILS Life Story


Isaac came to QEF Vocational Services after being unemployed for two years.

His design flair was evident!


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