Welcome to our Brain Injury Centre, located in Banstead, Surrey, where we are proud to offer neurorehabilitation, vocational rehabilitation and transition support for individuals with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) from all over the UK.

Here we provide residential or day support to men and women, from eighteen years old, with moderate to severe physical, cognitive and/or communication disabilities, which may also include mild to moderate behavioural problems.

In addition to residential and day placements, outreach services can be delivered to the community. We have a diverse range of one-to-one support programmes, tailored to help improve cognitive, communication, physical, social and functional abilities and vocational skills, as well as support for that important move home and/or back to education or work.

Our specialist services are delivered by a highly experienced interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals including a consultant in rehabilitation medicine, specialist nurses, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, neuropsychologists, a vocational support team, and art and music tutors.


The Brain Injury Centre is a spacious, well-equipped building set in six acres of gardens, with accessible woodland and recreation areas. Clients have their own bedroom furnished with assistive support equipment and a call system. There is also the option to move to independent living units, based on site, where they can prepare their own meals and learn or re-learn home life and self-care skills for further independence.  

The Brain Injury Centre is located close to Banstead village in Surrey with access to the local shops, restaurants and public transport, which may form part of the rehabilitation experience.


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