At Dorincourt we have a full time physiotherapist and assistant, a part time occupational therapist and assistant, and a part time speech and language therapist to provide a service to our residents and professional support and training to the staff team.


Physiotherapy is a health care profession which aims to promote movement and function through manual therapy, movement and exercise, education and advice.

Our physiotherapist works with individuals to promote their mobility and independence by developing fitness and wellness orientated programmes, maintaining and restoring maximum movement and functional ability. The physiotherapist establishes an on-going programme to achieve the resident’s short and long term goals, which is reviewed every six months. Each resident can have a one hour individual session each week, funded by QEF as part of their placement package. It is important, where possible, for the resident to take ownership of their programme, development and progress.

Occupational Therapy

OT is work that helps individuals carry out the activities that they need or want to do in order to lead a healthy and fulfilled life.

The OT at Dorincourt works in 3 ways. Firstly they support the staff team in ensuring that the equipment meets the individual’s needs, is safe and fit for purpose. Secondly, they assess residents when they move into one of our flats as to their functional capacity in order that they can live safely in that environment. Where risks are deemed as too high, pieces of equipment will be temporarily disabled or removed. Thirdly they also train directly and assist staff to train residents to improve their functional capacity in daily living skills.

Speech and Language Therapy 

The SaLT therapist assesses every resident’s eating, drinking and swallowing skills and any difficulties managing food, drink and medication. Each resident has a Mealtime Information Placemat produced with essential information to help manage any risks, while those with specific difficulties will also have more detailed documentation to inform staff and families how to manage eating, drinking and swallowing. The SaLT therapist also provides training to all staff with regards to these issues.

The SaLT therapist will also focus on each person’s communication. Individual or small group therapy are run to improve the strength, effectiveness and co-ordination of the mouth where speaking is challenging.