Warren – by Molly, his fiancee

“Warren is  my fiance and he suffered from a motorbike accident when he was 38, which was six years ago.  Since he came to Dorincourt in December 2008 he has  made so much progress.  This progress has been continual and everyone’s views have been considered.  Warren has progressed more than anyone expected while he has been at Dorincourt.  It is a wonderful place!  We have found that every member of staff is approachable and feel that all clients are treated the same.  This is the nicest place that Warren has been since his accident, and we are very grateful.”


“When I arrived at QEF I had absolutely no notion of how to look after myself. Recently, I moved into my own bungalow. Care support comes in at pre-arranged times so I can manage my life more or less independently. I was invited to talk to everyone at the centre about living in the community – going back made me realise how far I have come. Truly, no-one would ever have thought I could live independently.”


“I have very complex disabilities and require 24 hour care; I thought I would always have to live in a residential home. However, I moved from QEF into my own flat with a live-in carer. I am able to put into practice much of what I learnt and can organise the structure of my days which is fantastic and is more than I could ever have hoped for.”


“I came to Dorincourt to develop my skills to prepare me for living in my own flat. After living in one of the flats on site I found that a flat was not right for me and I couldn’t cope. I was disappointed at first, but then decided to try living in one of their group homes instead. I found that worked much better for me and I enjoyed the company of others. I have now decided that I would like to live in a group home when I leave QEF. I am glad that I had the opportunity to explore what works best for me before having to make the choice for real.”