At QEF we try to do everything we can to help you access the information you need about our services, to understand funding and to get a feel for us. This section gives you direct access to some of the key areas that we think might be of most use to you but do pick up the phone and talk to us at anytime.


One of the central parts of our transitional services programme is that we provide different types of accommodation for residents to try out. This enables them to gain an understanding of what types of accommodation are available and what it feels like to live in them before they have to make a permanent choice in the community. Our accommodation includes residential rooms, a group home and self contained flats. All are based on the one site at Dorincourt so residents can take full advantage of all of the care, support and activities provided. To find out more about our accommodation types click here

To arrange a visit to Dorincourt all you need to do is make a call or email us. We would love to meet you, show you around and introduce you to staff and clients.

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Dorincourt provides a full programme of activities, Monday to Friday, that promotes independent living skills, communication and confidence. There is also a programme of leisure activities 3 or 4 evenings a week and on Saturdays. Each resident sets an Individual Learning Plan with stated realistic goals for each term and develops their own time table according to their interests, stated goals and abilities. The aim is to provide a lose structure that provides focus, but gives the freedom for residents to make their own choices and take responsibility.


Residential placements: Funding is usually through social services, but can be done privately. We operate by charging a core fee. This covers a package of services including accommodation, all utilities, food, all personal care (morning, evening and toileting) where attended by one member of staff, courses and sessions, transport to ILS organised external activities, in-house leisure activities, input from a physiotherapist (a maintenance exercise regime), and input from an occupational therapist (equipment). A higher fee will be charged when a client’s personal care requires more than one person, where the client needs to be fed or where a client’s behaviour or medical condition requires one to one attention. This is determined by undertaking an assessment.

Supported living placements: The individual receives their funding through a variety of funding streams including housing benefit, income support and a personal budget from social services. This money is then used by the individual to buy their own personalised package to meet their identified needs. At the moment Dorincourt is not able to offer any placements under this model of provision.

Day Placements: Clients can be funded from social services or use their personal budget to buy from 1 to 5 days of activities at ILS, Monday to Friday.