We aim to give young people with complex disabilities the experience, skills and information to manage the transition to more independent living.  Deciding how and where they want to live and their level of support has allowed 95% of them to successfully move on. We are committed to ensuring personal dignity, autonomy, choice and freedom for the individual to become more assertive, less dependent and take personal responsibility, within a supportive environment.

In this unique transitional service everyone is exposed to living independently in a range of circumstances through our choice of accommodation: 

  • Ensuite rooms, with meals, washing and cleaning provided.
  • Self-contained training flats, where young people experience living alone, with a safety net of onsite care.
  • Group homes with ensuite rooms, laundry, kitchen and lounge.  Chores and cooking are shared as far as possible. 

Individuals explore options without any permanent or financial commitment, so they can move on with greater confidence, knowing that their living choices will suit them.