Transitional services

The most exciting and unique part of the services at Dorincourt is that we provide the opportunity to try out different styles of accommodation. This allows clients to both develop their independence and also experience different types of living environment before committing to something permanent in the community. Accommodation reviews are carried out every 6 months and clients move around according to availability, preference and need. All of the accommodation types are fully supported and extremely successful. The different types of accommodation are explained below.

Residential Rooms 

Dorincourt has 18 residential rooms, all of which are single with an en-suite shower wet room. All rooms are designed for wheelchair access and also possess overhead tracking for hoists and are linked in to a central call alarm system.  The rooms are attractive and light with furniture provided, but clients are free to bring additional furniture and items to personalise their rooms. In this type of accommodation, all cleaning and washing is provided by Dorincourt staff and residents meals are provided in the main dining room.

Woodside Training Flats

Woodside is a block of 14 self-contained purpose-built residential training flats where clients have the opportunity to experience living by themselves whilst still being able to take full advantage of the programme of activities offered, together with the centre’s assurance of 24-hour care. Clients are encouraged and supported, while living within their own flat, in preparing many of their own meals and in keeping their flat clean and tidy. In this safe environment they can explore whether this is a future lifestyle option for them, without committing to anything more permanent. A key element of this is learning to direct others to deliver the support you need, whether with a personal care routine, keeping the flat clean or cooking a meal. Woodside has proved an invaluable transitional placement for people preparing for supported living after staying at Dorincourt.

Hamilton House and Guinness Group Homes

The Dorincourt site also includes two group homes. Hamilton House is a group home for six people and the Guinness group home is for five. All rooms are en-suite and both homes are equipped with their own laundry, large kitchen and lounge. The residents take turns in helping to cook the meals, undertake cleaning tasks and do their own laundry as far as they are able. It gives them the opportunity to experience living in a home where all meals are planned, prepared and shared as a group, within a family atmosphere. Once again they can still take advantage of the full range of activities we offer at Dorincourt, but the emphasis is on group living and exploring whether this is a future option for them, without committing to anything more permanent.

The variety of residential accommodation helps individuals with learning and physical disabilities to make more informed choices about their future living preferences when they leave us. For many, it is only by experiencing these life styles that they can fully comprehend what each choice actually means and feels like. We therefore see these experiences as essential to the transitional process.