Guardian and Observer Christmas Appeal 2012

Together with seven other charities, QEF has been selected to benefit from the Guardian and Observer Christmas Appeal 2012.   Last year the Appeal raised an amazing £400,000 so you can imagine that in these difficult times such support is exceedingly welcome.  Importantly the Guardian and Observer promote the chosen charities through the publications and their online channels.

It is primarily  the massive success of the the London Paralympics 2012 that prompted the selection of disability charities for this year’s appeal.  Sadly not all disabled people are Paralympians but by focusing on what they can do the public at large has an improved understanding of what disability can mean.

At QEF, together with our family of charities,  we provide a range of Services that support disabled children and adults across a broad range of needs.  We work hard to achieve the best possible outcomes for all whom we support but we face a variety of challenges, not just economic, across our Services.  The Observer on Sunday has highlighted our work in a brilliant article by Denis Campbell that describes two individuals who have benefited hugely from their time at QEF, together with an outline of  the uncertain future that we face though our Vocational Services.

Read the article for yourself at A place where shattered lives can be rebuilt

You might also read  Five minutes with Jonathan Powell an interview with Jonathan Powell, our CEO, who describes the kind of organisation that we are and how the Charity Appeal can help us.

Please share these articles with family and friends.  Your support is most welcome.



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