We recognise that our websites are used by a diverse audience in every sense and strive to ensure that the levels of accessibility we achieve fulfill the needs of our users. Many of our users have disabilities, which affect their experience of using the Internet and we strive to make their experience of our websites as positive as possible.

All our websites undergo thorough testing using both automated tools and manual checking because we believe that both methods have strengths and weaknesses. This testing is repeated at regular intervals and users are encouraged to feedback on current content and design. We also run user advisory groups, part of whose role is to tell us about their experience of using our websites.

Colour is an important part of design and we use it with care to provide visual cues and to ease navigation. Our colour palette has been chosen with this in mind and we implement this with particular reference to contrast.

At all times we strive to provide clear and consistent navigation, with meaningful descriptions of pages and images.

Web Browser Recommendations

On a PC we recommend using:

Mozilla Firefox (3.x)
Google Chrome
Safari (4.x)
Opera (9.x, 10.x)
IE (7, 8)

On a Apple Mac we recommend using:

Safari (4.x)
Mozilla Firefox (3.x)
Google Chrome

Contrast & Font Size

By clicking on the increase/decrease icons in the top-right corner you can control the font size. There is also a high contract version of our site which can be accessed at the bottom of every page.

Another way to change the font size (global) is to hold the CTRL key on the PC, or Opt key on Mac and to move scroll wheel on the mouse.

Switch to default/large text size
Switch to high contrast version of our site

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